The Salmon Page: Catch them, cook them, save them.

The Salmon Page: Catch them, cook them, save them.

Riverdale GS salmon artThe mission of The Salmon Page is to provide salmon links and news to anyone interested in learning about these magnificent fish.
If you're hungry head for the Cooking Salmon sections. Teachers and students should examine the Education Resources and Salmon Book sections.
I hope you will find these resources useful in your studies.

Salmon Recipes

Are you hungry right now and ready to party? You need to try Grilled Salmon with Strawbery Salsa - from
. See more recipes in Cooking Salmon.

Salmon and Dam Removal

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Salmon Season News

Read about proposed salmon fishing limts.

History of The Salmon Page

The Salmon Page started back in 1993 as a part of a 5th grade science class studying declining salmon runs in ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. Those students are now college graduates and I no longer teach science but the problems facing salmon are still with us. My hope is that schools will use the resources on these pages and the salmon experts who are available on the Salmon Listserv to continue learning about salmon.

The recipe for a salmon unit is simple. Ask students to study the issue from the perspective of one of the many stakeholders in the Columbia Basin watershed. Farmers, loggers, sports fisherfolk, commercial fisherfolk, Native Americans, power plant managers, hatchery managers, and forest mangers all have differing needs and solutions to the problems that come with sharing the natural resources we all hold in common with the salmon. Here’s where the Salmon Listerv can help because students can exchange emails with real experts who will help them understand the complex issues around declining salmon runs.

Once the students are ready, have them write a position paper that summarizes their point of view and hold a town hall and have them discuss the issues. Invite parents and members from the community to attend. You’ll find the discussion as relevant and informative as you’re likely to hear anywhere else and your students will discover a passion for healthy and sustainable management of our ecosystems.
Start with the Salmon Education Resources section of this web site and subscribe to the Salmon Listerv. If you’d like to post your papers to the Salmon Page send me an email at and I’ll create a forum for your class.

To all the salmon experts who were so kind and helpful to the students in my classes, thank you. Your interest and assistance made learning about these issues real. You had a life-long impact on my students.