Dave's simple, delicious, and quick BBQ peppered salmon and rice dinner.

Dave's simple, delicious, and quick BBQ peppered salmon and rice dinner.

The simple Ingredients: Salmon or other fish filet, skin on or off. Olive oil. Fresh peppercorns and good grinder. Mesquite real wood charcoal and open BBQ.. Rice and electric rice cooker. Lemon.

This recipe is good for any oily fish, or firm fleshed fish, such as tuna, mahi, swordfish, or sturgeon (a little extra time for sturgeon). I haven't tried bluefish but I would fly to the East coast just for the test.

Broiled salmon by this method is almost as good. Just use a red hot broiler no more than 3 inches (small and medium fish) or 5 inches (large fish) from the fish. Skin side up first.

Freshness is of the greatest importance in BBQ cooking as there is no masking of the native flavor, for better or worse. If you can't get the fresh stuff, try salmon burgers. If you can get them, buy or catch nice oily salmon filets, skin on or off, preferably from king salmon 4 lb or more, or silver salmon 5 lb or more, or sockeye 5 lb or more.

Prepare a VERY HOT BBQ grill, cheap Hibachi recommended, using solid Mesquite charcoal. Pressed charcoal will not give enough heat on a small non-commercial grill.

Throw the rice into an electric rice cooker with an aproximately equal amount of water; ratio varies depending on the rice cooker.

Wash and dab dry the fish with cloth or paper towel.

Slice into 2-3 inch wide pieces, so may be turned easily.

If from small or not too oily salmon, rub all sides with OLIVE oil. If from large and oily salmon such as a big king, this is not necessary.

Grind FRESH peppercorns over the salmon until at least covered with thin coat, or more pepper to taste, using a grinder that really works, such as a Peugeot.

By now the coals should be blazing and red hot, so spread them out. Let them heat the grill for 5 minutes, the key to keeping the salmon from sticking.

Put the salmon on, skin side (if present) down, 5 min to the inch.

Bang the grill a bit with a stick to keep the coals hot. Shoot with watergun for flareups.

Turn over, equal time.

Take off salmon, should be golden brown, and serve with rice and lemon wedges. -- David Myerson