Riverdale Salmon Project

Riverdale Salmon Project - In 1995 I was teaching 5th grade science. I thought that studying the salmon issues in the Pacific Northwest would be a good way for my students to learn about our ecosystem and consider sustainable uses. I had students study the problem of declining salmon runs from the viewpoints of interested parties. Students looked at the competing interests of farmers, commercial fisheries, sports fisheries, power plant managers, wild salmon advocates, hatchery managers and Native Americans. Their thoughts are just as current today as they were then. I think you'll learn from the papers they wrote. I would suggest this as a great activity for any classroom.
Their work is available by following these links:
Salmon Art, Student Salmon Position Papers, Salmon Listserv, Life Cycle of the Salmon by Chris and John - Grade 5 (This was the very first Salmon Page...) ;-)
You might also be interested in copies of the unit descriptions:
Parent Letter, Forum Content Guide, Project Timeline, Salmon Scoring Rubric