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Jack Daniels Teriyaki Salmon

Marinade 2 filets in teriyaki and a pinch of brown sugar.
Glaze: 1 part Jack Daniels 1 part terriaki 1 part brown sugar (more or less according to taste) heat over stove.
Cut filets into 3 pieces each cook however you like it. Paint with glaze so it creates a caramalized crust.
Serve a portion of glaze in little dipping bowls.
Great flavor!
-- Mary G

Eric's Salmon Soup

Eric's Salmon Soup

* 1 Pint canned salmon
* 12-15 saltine crackers (depending on the amount of milk)
* 1 small onion
* 1 tablespoon butter
* milk (pour as much as you want)
* salt
* pepper
* garlic salt
* lemon pepper

Drain salmon and cut into small pieces. Empty salmon into a medium sized pan. Crush crackers and add to salmon. Cut onion into small pieces and add. Add milk. Season to taste, adding butter. Heat on low until thickened.

Eric Cornell, Owosso Michigan

Salmon Marinade

Juice of 1 Lemon, lime, orange
2 TBSPN Soy Sauce
1/4 cup olive oil
salt - just a pinch
pepper - about 1/2 tspn
2 cloves garlic minced fresh ginger minced - about 4 slices chili flakes - about 1/2 tspn

Combine all ingredients and marinate salmon for 1 hour - no longer or salmon will start to cook.

If salmon starts to turn pink remove from marinade.

Teresa R.

Dave's simple, delicious, and quick BBQ peppered salmon and rice dinner.

Dave's simple, delicious, and quick BBQ peppered salmon and rice dinner.

The simple Ingredients: Salmon or other fish filet, skin on or off. Olive oil. Fresh peppercorns and good grinder. Mesquite real wood charcoal and open BBQ.. Rice and electric rice cooker. Lemon.

This recipe is good for any oily fish, or firm fleshed fish, such as tuna, mahi, swordfish, or sturgeon (a little extra time for sturgeon). I haven't tried bluefish but I would fly to the East coast just for the test.

Broiled salmon by this method is almost as good. Just use a red hot broiler no more than 3 inches (small and medium fish) or 5 inches (large fish) from the fish. Skin side up first.

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