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Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

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Riverdale Salmon Project

Riverdale Salmon Project - In 1995 I was teaching 5th grade science. I thought that studying the salmon issues in the Pacific Northwest would be a good way for my students to learn about our ecosystem and consider sustainable uses. I had students study the problem of declining salmon runs from the viewpoints of interested parties. Students looked at the competing interests of farmers, commercial fisheries, sports fisheries, power plant managers, wild salmon advocates, hatchery managers and Native Americans.

Salmon Listserv - How to subscribe or unsubscribe...

The Salmon Liserv is an e-mail discussion group devoted to salmon issues. The list is designed for use by classrooms studying salmon issues. Salmon experts have joined the list to answer student questions and give them a chance to discuss things first-hand with people who know what they are talking about. The list is a great resource for any classroom. We are very thankful for the time and effort volunteered by our guest experts on the list.
-- Paul Nelson

To join the Salmon Listserv, send a two word message to:

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Salmon Art

Click to view: Salmon Art

Please enjoy these images created by my students. These kids are all grown up and even out of college today. You are free to use and redistribute these works. You may attribute the work to the Riverdale Salmon Students.

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Salmon Videos

  • Educational Resources | Chelan County P.U.D
    Videos, CD-Rom and other publications available to the public.
  • BPA Resources for Teachers
    Lots of salmon related publications. Be sure to get the Journey of the Kings video and The Magnificient Journey book on salmon migration. You can order on-line.
  • Last Chance For The Pacific Salmon
    "Last Chance For The Pacific Salmon" is a broadcast quality, one hour video that covers a wide range of issues surrounding the decline of the salmon and outlines actions necessary to prevent their extinction.  - View on-line from, search for "salmon."
  • The Return of the Salmon - from Oregon Sea Grant, more videos...
    This half-hour educational video uses rare historic footage and recent interviews to trace the history of the Pacific Northwest salmon crisis, and how some people and communities are trying to address it.
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