Salmon Research Project

Dear Parents and Students,

This packet contains important information about a major unit of study. We will be learning about the life cycle of the salmon and the many problems facing salmon and their survival in the Pacific Northwest.

Each student will assume the role of a person effected by the salmon issue, i.e. commercial fisherman, sports fisherman, logger, power plant manager, fisheries biologist, etc... Students will research salmon issues from that point of view and write a position paper and prepare a speech to present at a “Salmon Forum” held here at Riverdale School on May 8th.

I have attached to this a letter several documents that will help in making a high quality presentation at the Salmon Forum.

Salmon Forum Project Time line
Use this time line as a guide in scheduling assignments and research.
Salmon Forum Information Content Guide
These are the basic questions your position paper should address. Answer these questions in the paper you write and in the speech you give at the forum.
Salmon Forum Evaluation Criteria Rubric
This should give you an idea on how your work will be evaluated. Note that we will be looking at more than just the final product. We will look at the quality and diversity of your research. Keep a research log so you will have important information needed for your bibliography. You will also need the names and e-mail addresses of people you contact via the Salmon Listserv. Important website URLs should be recorded as well.
Salmon Internet Research Training Nights!
Wednesday, April 22 and Thursday, April 23 7:00 - 8:00 pm at the Riverdale Grade School computer Lab.